This page was last updated on: December 12, 2021
'Tis the song, the sigh of the weary...'

So goes the 1854 composition by Stephen Foster. Yet, after 167 years, there is a relevance to these pandemic times. 

At age 26 when Ambulance Associates was founded, I had a vision to be the finest pre-hospital medical care and transportation available in Stark County. Only our thousands of past clients, their individual family members and medical care facilities served during these 52 years can determine if we rose to the bar that we set for ourselves long ago. In 99.9% of the cases, we hope the answer is resounding in the affirmative.  

If we are to judge the original intent, there were many competitors who were at the forefront of positive change...many were excellent in their similar intent. They gave us an ongoing challenge to strive forward without abandoning our founding mission. In essence, we tried harder. So...we are grateful for the competitors who unknowingly made us better!

The pandemic, with its unanticipated impact, changed us in 2021. Suffice it to say, in making this decision, we acknowledge “the sigh of the weary” in dealing with the pandemic and other realities.  

Let’s now choose to focus on the veteran employees who have worked hundreds of overtime hours to keep us afloat in 2021. They, too, are “weary.” The Honor Roll of our heroes goes like this:

Steve Martin, 47 yrs of service
Mark Murphy, 31 yrs
Bob Eakins, 31 yrs
Anita Delaney, 30 yrs
Nazimoon Babb, 28 yrs
Billi Jo Long, 21 yrs
George Ihinger, 17 yrs
Harry Ellis, 12 yrs
Sarah McKee, 9 yrs
Tammy Cobb, 9 yrs
Penny Simmons, 7 yrs

Nazimoon and I salute them for their loyalty, friendship and perseverance. They are truly great people that any employer would envy.   

Thank you to all who helped make this marvelous journey possible.

Richard Babb, CFO
52 years of Service